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BitLux routinely provides private jet charter in Bogota, Colombia and the surrounding area.

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About Bogota Private Jet Charter

Bogota, the capital of Colombia and its largest city, is a melting pot of diversity. Located at the base of the Andes, the city is surrounded by forest and greenery. It’s one of the world’s highest capital cities, at more than 8,500 feet above sea level. 

Taking a private charter jet into Bogota, Colombia is simple. Travelers are only a short distance away from the center of the city once their jet lands. Let BitLux schedule a chartered private jet into Bogota, Colombia, for the most flexible schedule and luxurious comfort. We also fly private to Cartagena, Colombia.

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Why Fly with BitLux out of Bogota?

It doesn’t matter if you are flying for business or for pleasure, our goal is to make your travels to and from Bogota as pleasant as possible.

By renting a private jet with BitLux you will be able to travel to and from Bogota without the hassles of a commercial flight. In other words, you won’t have to worry about standing in line for hours on end.

Light Jets

Depending on how far you are looking to travel, you will need to charter a jet which suits your specifications. For short trips of around 1500 miles, you should look at small cabin/light jets. These typically hold up to 7 people with luggage allocations. If you are looking to charter a private jet from Bogota to Fort Lauderdale, or jet from Bogota to Chicago, then a light jet may be your best option. Some of the Light jets available for Bogota charter are the Hawker 400XP, Citation CJ3, and Citation Ultra.

Mid-size Jets

For longer flights, a midsize cabin is required. These jets in Bogota are more comfortable than a small jet and can fly between many U.S states nonstop, with a passenger capacity of 8. Midsizes, like the Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, or Learjet 60, are great for a fair distance and comfortable on jet charters that are 2 hours or more – such as, Bogota to Denver or Houston to Bogota.

Super-midsize Jets

For longer domestic trips or intercontinental air charter, such as Bogota to Los Angeles, or even Seattle to Bogota. we suggest super midsize jet, such as the Challenger 300 or Hawker 1000. These are designed for longer domestic flights and even light transatlantic travel, with a typical passenger capacity of 9 people.

Large Jets

Lastly, if you are looking to a private jet charter from Bogota to Shanghai, or other International destinations, then a Heavy cabin jet or Ultra Long Range is required. These heavy cabin and ultra-long range jets are the pinnacle of luxury in private travel. With a passenger capacity of 16, these heavy jets can get you from one place to another in style, perfect for transoceanic travel.


If you are a traveling in a large group for business, then it is advised that you look towards the large cabin or heavy cabin jets. Some examples of Heavy and Ultra Long Range charter jets are the Falcon 2000, Gulfstream G550, Falcon 7x, and Challenger 604/605.

We fly all around the world from Bogota

Jet Sizes and Locations

BitLux is the number one choice for private air charter to Bogota.

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers choose to fly with us over other private jet services and commercial airliners in Bogota:

  • ARG/US Certification—we’re one of just only 38 companies across the world to have been awarded with this certification.
  • Perfect safety record—safety is our number one priority. We’re audited by the world’s largest aviation safety company.
  • Top service—our clients receive the very best service in the industry, both in terms of customer service and operational standards.
  • Payment options—we’re one of just a few private jet service providers that accept cryptocurrency payments.
  • Experience—we’ve been in the business for decades and have used that experience to ensure a hassle-free journey for our clients.

Private airports to land and depart

Private Jets Airports Around Bogota Colombia 

Skip busy travel hubs, layovers, and indirect routes while traveling in style. BitLuxTravel.com provides world-class private jet charter services with a safety-first focus that ensures you arrive on time and ready to hit the slopes or sights. With a wide selection of aircrafts to choose from, and luxurious amenities, you’ll wonder why you ever traveled any other way.

Best Private Airports in Bogota

Flying by chartered jet into Colombia is quick and easy, primarily because the country is situated in the northernmost part of South America. Bogota has two airports in its city center, but there’s also an alternative third option if necessary.

  • El Dorado International Airport (BOG/SKBO) – The main airport in Bogota, El Dorado International Airport, is nicely situated west of the downtown area. El Dorado International Airport was named one of the best in the world in 2015 after a complete makeover. The airport is less than 20 minutes from Bogota’s city center. Because of its urban location and the number of commercial flights, there may be significant congestion depending upon the time of day.
  • La Vanguardia Airport (VVC/SKVV) – At more than three hours away from Bogota, it’s not ideal but is an alternative for private charter jets. It sees far fewer passengers than El Dorado International Airport and, as a result, is much quieter and faster. 
  • Guaymaral Airport (SKGY) – This small airport in the mountains north of Bogota has an aviation flight school for private and commercial jets. It’s just over 20 minutes from downtown though traffic can impact drive times.

Some of the aircraft that we have available for air charter service in the region are:

Most of our trips from the area are on Midsize Jets, such as the Citation XLS or Learjet 60.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation on what will be best suited for your needs.

Jet Rental

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Private Jet Flight To or From Bogota, Colombia

Our air charter service to and from Bogota and Colombia give you full control over the way you fly. You can customize everything from the catering, amenities to the aircraft model to create perfect travel experience.

We offer an elite service and make the customer experience and safety of our aircraft a top priority. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re a fully ARG/US registered brokerage with a 100% safety record.

About Bogota

Bogota is nestled in the heart of the Andes at more than 8,500 feet above sea level. The country is surrounded by greenery, giving the city a feel as if it’s hidden from the rest of the world. To acclimate to its altitude, drink lots of water and take multiple breaks for rest while touring Bogota.

Indigenous people originally occupied the area where Bogota sits today. Eventually, it became a Spanish colony founded in the mid-1500s. The city became an outpost for the Spanish Empire. In 1819 Bogota was liberated from Spanish rule by Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander. Soon after, the Republic of Colombia was established, and the capital was moved to Bogota.

Some places not to miss when visiting Bogota, Colombia:

  • Gold Museum – The international airport is named for the mythical El Dorado, so gold is essential to the Colombian Culture. At the Gold Museum, view opulent treasures that survived the Spanish Conquest. The museum also explains how gold was mined and produced.
  • Plaza Bolivar – This central square in Bogotá is located amid the historic area. The Palace of Justice, Liévano Palace, the Primary Cathedral of Bogota, and the National Capitol surround the plaza. 
  • Simon Bolivar Park – The metropolitan park is a series of many other parks all connected within the city’s middle. The green space is filled with sports, music, a lake with paddleboats, and an amusement park within its 970 collective acres.
  • Monserrate – Take a funicular to the top of this gorgeous mountain trek 1.5 miles to the top. At the summit are a restaurant, snack bar, and shops. Allow plenty of time to enjoy the incredible views of the city below.
  • Colombian National Museum – The oldest museum in Colombia houses more than 20,000 objects relating to Colombia’s heritage. The building was initially designed as a prison and became a museum in 1948. Across the street, don’t miss colonial Inglesia de San Francisco, the city’s oldest church.

Bogota, Colombia, is in the GMT-5 time zone. Be aware that Colombia doesn’t use daylight savings time. 

Weather In Bogota

The weather in Bogota is cool and consistent. Because of its location, the weather doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the year. Temperatures range from the mid-40s to the high 60s. The wettest months are April and October, so it’s probably best to avoid travel at that time of the year. The driest months and the best times to visit are from December through January or from June through September. Pack a warm jacket regardless of the time of year.

Luxury Hotels In Bogota

La Candelaria is by far one of the most expensive and vital neighborhoods in Bogota. It’s also home to the city’s government buildings and museums. The area has a multitude of centuries-old facilities and plenty of places to dine. Northeast of the city is Chapinero, which is a small affluent neighborhood with multiple luxury accommodations. Neighboring Chico is also a trendy area with plenty of hotel and dining options. Amid Chico is Parque 93, so named because of its location by 93rd Street Park. This area is the center of nightlife and shopping. When shopping, bring cash as smaller shops don’t accept credit cards.

Several places to stay include:

  • The B.O.G.
  • Four Seasons Bogota
  • The Orchids
  • Sofitel Victoria Regia
  • The W
  • Hotel de la Opera
  • Hotel Casa Legado
  • Grand Hyatt Bogota

Fine Dining In Bogota

As much as the city is a melting pot of cultures, the gastronomic scene boasts an extensive selection of foods from around the world. While dishes from many cultures abound, there are also plenty of restaurants serving traditional Colombian food. Be sure to try Colombia’s national dish, Bandeja Paisa, which is a filling meal platter consisting of steak, pork, fried egg, rice, and avocado. Also, try ajiaco (soup with chicken and potatoes), arepas (flatbread served as a side to meals), empanadas, and tamales. 

These fine dining restaurants are among the best in the city:

  • Criterion
  • Matiz
  • Restaurante Casa Santa Clara
  • El Ciervo y El Oso
  • Gordo

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