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Private Jet Charter In Chengdu

BitLux regularly provides private jet charter services in and around Chengdu area. It is one of our favorites in China.


Chengdu is one of the more popular tourist destinations in China. The popularity of Chengdu can be mainly attributed to its historical buildings and architecture.

The city of Chengdu is well known for its traditional Chinese cuisine, unique local folks and classic arts, mild weather and a bustling tourism industry.


Two of the most exciting attractions in the city are the Sichuan Cuisine and Giant Pandas. Other popular attractions in the city include the Wenshu Temple, Sanxingdui Museum, Jinsha site and Jinli Street.


Despite not having the same fashion district as Shanghai or Hong Kong, Chengdu does have a selection of shopping malls that showcase a variety of stores and high-end purchasing opportunities.


Chengdu is located in the province of Sichuan, which is China’s most prominent rice growing regions. In 316 BC, Chengdu became the political, cultural and economic leading center of southwest China.


The city is also famous for its silkworm breeding farms. Chengdu is a great place for travelers who enjoy nightlife and culturally enriching experiences. The Sichuan opera is one of the more popular night attractions. During the daytime, many tourists journey to the countryside to explore the quieter parts of the dynamic city.

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter To And From Chengdu


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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter To And From Chengdu



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter To And From Chengdu



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter To And From Chengdu



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Traveling To and From Chengdu

If you are looking to travel to Chengdu for either business opportunities or just a leisurely vacation, then you will understand the importance of comfortability and privacy. People commonly travel from New York to Chengdu, which is an incredibly long distance. For distances like this, a private charter jet is the best option in terms of comfortability and privacy.


Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Chengdu, during this time the city is busy with millions of tourists from across the world. The city is teeming with life during Spring and because of the various attractions in the city, it is no surprise how busy it gets.


Chengdu is often associated with history and architecture as it is the home to some of China’s most well-known historic landmarks. Families and sight-seers visit Chengdu all year round to see some attractions such at Mount Qingcheng and Chunxi Road. This is the main shopping street in the region and is extremely busy at night.


Private charter jets arrive in the city every day, mainly for business meetings and events, but some brought to the city by families on vacation. Around 2.5 million tourists visit Chengdu every year and is rated as one of the best cities in China for tourists. This is due to the many landscapes and monuments located in the city.


Beijing, China’s capital city, is only three hours away from Chengdu and the average stay in Chengdu is 4 days. Private jets travel to Chengdu every day from across Asia. The most common private charter jets are mid-size jets.


The midsize jet type is capable of carrying groups of 7-9 passengers traveling for distances around 3,000 nautical miles. A major benefit to flying on midsize jets is that they do not require refueling stops for most journeys. Our top picks for jets in this area are the Citation X, Learjet 60 and Hawker 800XP. In Chengdu, the main airports are large enough to facilitate midsize jets.


For groups larger than 10, a super-midsize jet may be required. BitLux suggests traveling on super-midsize jets if you are in a large group of 8-12 and need to travel a long distance without any refueling stops.


The super-midsize jet is more comfortable than a midsize jet and a light jet. However, if you are traveling to a small city or town airport, then a super-midsize jet may be too large for a smaller runway. For super-midsize jets, BitLux would recommend traveling on a Gulfstream G200, Challenger 300, or the Falcon 50EX. Some super-midsize jets will even have the feature of a sofa or pullout-bed.


If you are traveling a short distance, then a turbo prop plane may be available.


Although, when traveling from one city to another a light aircraft may be more comfortable. a light aircraft is capable of traveling around 1500 nautical miles without the need to refuel. A downside to light jets are the lack of space and air-stewardess. Our top picks for light jet are the Citation Encore, Beechjet 400 and the Learjet 35.


For transatlantic flights, then a super-midsize jet may need multiple refueling stops. To avoid stopping for refueling, a large jet may be required. A large jet can facilitate 10 passengers and can cross many continents without the need to refuel. BitLux’s favorite large jets are the Gulfstream G-IV, Gulfstream G400, Gulfstream G650, and Challenger 605.


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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

In Chengdu, there are many airports that allow private charter jets and commercial flights. The largest and most popular airport in Chengdu is the Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) and Mianyang Nanjiao Airport (MIG).


The Shuangliu airport is large enough to facilitate charter jets of all sizes. Charter jets are available on-demand in Chengdu all year round. The Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) is located 16km from the main city center, which is incredibly convenient.


When using the BitLux charter jet service, you are able to customize your private jet experience to your exact requirements. When you come to book a flight with our agents, you have the option to customize all in-flight features.


This means that you can choose your flight times, in-flight meals and any sleeping arrangements such as a bed. One of the clear benefits to flying with BitLux is that you do not have to worry about flight delays or any baggage loss.

BitLux Charter Jets In Chengdu

Chengdu is one of China’s most popular city’s in terms of tourism and visitor statistics. The city brings in a huge number of international tourists. These tourists are drawn to the city for business, sightseeing, leisure and shopping.


Regardless of what brings you to Chengdu, private charter jets are the best way of transport if you are looking for comfort, privacy and efficiency.


The tedious parts of traveling commercially are not apparent when flying private. For example, beg check in and security check is carried out whilst you wait in a private hangar. Your bags are loaded onto the plane and you can sit in the private air hangar in the meantime.


Once you land at your destination safely, your bags will be taken off the aircraft and loaded onto your vehicle. At BitLux, we offer a guarantee that our clients will receive the highest level of in-flight service when traveling on one of our brokered charter jets.


Clients are welcome to bring their pets on-board, where they will be looked after by our in-flight team. Clients have the option to customize in-flight features, to make each flight unique for each person.


Our in-flight team ensure that your happiness whilst in-flight is their main priority. Our team consists of highly-trained aviation experts that take pride in being some of the most experience individuals in the aviation industry.

BitLux offers a one-of-a-kind service that ensures we represent pure opulence within the aviation industry. Experience meetings, private travel, comfort, and efficiency with BitLux.

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