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Chartering a Private Jet to or from Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, affectionately known as the Emerald City, sits cradled between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. This title reflects its abundant evergreen forests, adding to the city’s vibrant charm. On top of that, Seattle is also the birthplace of major tech giants and boasts a lively art scene. Its economy thrives on technology, aviation, and a renowned coffee culture. Throughout the year, both visitors and locals indulge in Seattle’s diverse outdoor activities, innovative culinary experiences, and rich cultural heritage, making it a top destination along the Pacific Northwest coast.

Seattle Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) facilitates this bustling hub, although it can get swamped during peak travel times, presenting a unique challenge for visitors. But that won’t be a hassle for you as choosing Bitlux for your private jet charter to or from Seattle bypasses the congested terminals, offering you a luxurious, uninterrupted travel experience. Whether your journey to Seattle is for groundbreaking business ventures or to immerse in its rich cultural scene, Bitlux ensures a seamless and exquisite voyage from start to finish, epitomizing comfort and convenience at every step.

Chartering Flights to Fly Out of Seattle, Washington

Bitlux excels in offering a premium fleet of private jets in Seattle, alongside top-tier pilots and an exceptional cabin crew, ensuring your journey is nothing short of a perfect trip. With competitive pricing, relentless dedication to customer service, and an unmatched selection of private jets, we stand out in delivering a superior air travel experience. Opt for Bitlux when chartering out of Seattle and experience a seamless takeoff aboard our sophisticated aircraft, embarking on an unparalleled journey.

Popular Private Jet Airports in and Around Seattle Airport

Seattle, Washington offers a blend of lush landscapes, innovative technology hubs, and dynamic urban culture. It’s not only a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and tech professionals but also a crucial center for business and private aviation. To meet the specific needs of private jet travelers, Seattle, and its surrounding areas are equipped with several airports that provide the necessary facilities and services for a seamless and luxurious travel experience. Here’s an overview of the leading airports in the Seattle area for your private jet needs.

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA, SEA): Located just 13 miles south of downtown Seattle, SEA serves as the primary gateway to this bustling city. The airport boasts three parallel runways to accommodate all sizes of private jets. With its extensive network of terminals and concourses, SEA is equipped to offer private jet passengers a premium experience through its dedicated FBOs, including Signature Flight Support and Aircraft Service Int’L, ensuring a high level of service and convenience for those flying in and out of Seattle. Bitlux partners with these FBOs to provide our clients with exceptional services like luxury ground transportation services, conference rooms, and snooze rooms.
  • Boeing Field/King County International Airport (KBFI, BFI): Situated just about 5 miles south of downtown Seattle, BFI offers a strategic alternative for private jet travelers aiming to avoid the busier SEA airport. As one of the busiest primary non-hub airports, it features two asphalt runways and several FBOs such as Signature Flight Support, Modern Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Wings Aloft, Landmark Aviation, Business Air, and many more offering a range of amenities from luxury lounges to concierge services. Its close proximity to the city center and lower traffic volumes make Boeing Field an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and efficiency in their travel plans.
  • Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field) (KPAE, PAE): Approximately 25 miles north of downtown Seattle, PAE presents a tranquil and efficient entry point to the northern Seattle metropolitan area and the scenic Puget Sound region. The airport has three runways and is home to high-quality FBOs like Propeller Aero and Regal Air, providing personalized services, luxury waiting areas, and quick access to Seattle and its surrounding areas. With less congestion and a focus on private and corporate aviation, Paine Field ensures a pleasant and straightforward travel experience for private jet passengers.

Friday Harbor Seaplane Base (FBS / W33) 

Victoria Inner Harbor Airport (YWH / CYWH) 

Roche Harbor Seaplane Base (RCE / W39) 

Vancouver International Airport (YVR / CYVR)

Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base (LKE / W55) 

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Kenmore Air Harbor (KEH) 

Port Of Poulsbo Marina Moorage Seaplane (PUL)

Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW / KTIW) 

JBLM McChord Field (TCM / KTCM) 

Jefferson County International (TWD)

Aircrafts Available to Fly From Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s lively metropolis, famed for its pop culture references, superb infrastructure, and diverse culinary delights, attracts both locals and tourists eager to explore its offerings. While arriving in Seattle is straightforward, departing can occasionally present challenges. Opting for a private jet charter from Seattle is an ideal choice for those looking to exit the city with elegance and efficiency, ensuring a swift journey to their next destination.

Here is a range of private jet charter flights that you can avail of from the region: 

Cost of Chartering Private Jet Out of Seattle

The expense of chartering a private jet journey from Seattle is influenced by several factors, including the chosen aircraft model, the length of the flight, and any bespoke services you desire to enhance your travel experience. Bitlux prides itself on providing competitive rates that seamlessly blend cost-efficiency with uncompromised quality and safety. This ensures that your expeditious escape from Seattle not only meets but exceeds expectations, without compromising on the exclusivity and personalized service that define private aviation.

Here is a short breakdown of estimated costs for popular routes out of Seattle:

Flight Route Aircraft Type Average Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Pricing
Seattle to Belo Horizonte Heavy Jet 15 hours 22 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $169,800 – $229,750
Ultra-Long Range Jet 14 hours 22 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $195,400 – $264,350
Seattle to Helena Super Midsize Jet 3 hours 55 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $36,900 – $48,200
Heavy Jet 3 hours 58 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $43,850 – $59,300
Ultra-Long Range Jet 3 hours 58 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $53,950 – $73,000
Seattle to Arkhangelsk Super Midsize jet 10 hours 50 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $102,000 – $133,300
Heavy Jet 10 hours 57 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $121,000 – $163,700
Ultra-Long Range Jet 9 hours 57 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $135,300 – $183,100
Seattle to Edmonton Light Jet 1 hour 19 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $15,400 – $20,150
Midsize Jet 1 hour 14 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $15,650 – $20,400
Super Midsize Jet 1 hour 12 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $16,950 – $22,150
Seattle to Anadyr Midsize Jet 6 hours 21 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $46,350 – $60,550
Super Midsize Jet 5 hours 14 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $49,300 – $64,400
Heavy Jet 5 hours 18 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $58,550 – $79,250

The figures provided in the above table are estimates and subject to change based on the specifications of your trip. Nonetheless, they serve as a close estimate of expected expenses and durations, providing a dependable framework for organizing your travel.

Chartering a Private Jet to Fly Into Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington, known for its unique mix of natural beauty and urban charm, sits between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. The city is famed as Starbucks’ birthplace, boasting an exceptional coffee culture with cozy cafes on every corner. The skyline is dominated by the iconic Space Needle, offering stunning panoramic city views. Seattle is the home of grunge music, hosting bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

A top recommendation is visiting the historic Pike Place Market, featuring the original Starbucks and local artists. Taking a ferry ride for a scenic view is a must-do activity. Seattle also offers museums like the Museum of Pop Culture for a peek into its rich culture. Outdoor lovers can enjoy the city’s parks and nearby Olympic National Park.

Seattle, a city of endless exploration, combines culture, nature, and adventure. Begin your journey with Bitlux’s luxury jet charter service for a flawless Seattle experience.

Cost of Chartering Private Jet to Seattle

Similar to the expenses of departing Seattle, the cost of flying into Seattle via private jet is influenced by various factors, including flight duration, aircraft type, travel timing, and any optional services chosen to enrich your journey. For more secluded locations, the prices reflect the extra challenges and expenses involved in reaching these harder-to-access areas. Conversely, promotional rates may be available at specific times of the year for frequently flown paths and certain destinations.

Let’s look at a summary of estimated expenses for popular routes when arriving in Seattle with Bitlux’s private jet charters, showcasing the customized pricing approaches designed to accommodate a wide range of travel desires and preferences.

Flight Route Aircraft Type Average Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Pricing
Harbin To Seattle Super Midsize Jet 11 hours 8 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $104,850 – $137,000
Heavy Jet 11 hours 16 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $124,500 – $168,450
Ultra-Long Range Jet 10 hours 16 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $139,650 – $188,900
Magadan To Seattle Midsize Jet 8 hours 19 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $65,850 – $86,100
Super Midsize Jet 8 hours 11 minutes 8 -10 passengers $77,050 – $100,700
Heavy Jet 7 hours 16 minutes 10 -16 passengers $80,300 – $108,650
Chita To Seattle Super Midsize Jet 11 hours 13 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $105,600 – $138,000
Heavy Jet 11 hours 20 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $125,250 – $169,450
Ultra-Long Range Jet 10 hours 20 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $140,550 – $190,150
Carson City To Seattle Light Jet 1 hour 21 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $15,800 – $20,650
Midsize Jet 1 hour 15 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $15,850 – $20,700
Heavy Jet 1 hour 15 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $17,400 – $22,750
Denver to Seattle Light Jet 2 hours 22 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $15,850 – $20,700
Midsize Jet 2 hours 12 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $17,400 – $22,750
Super Midsize Jet 2 hours 10 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $20,400 – $26,650

Please be aware that the figures provided are merely estimates, and the actual cost of your journey will depend entirely on the details of your trip. Nonetheless, these estimates are offered to give you a transparent view of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Why Choose Bitlux While Flying Privately To And From Seattle, Washington?

  • US/ARG Accreditation: Our unwavering commitment to service excellence and reliability has secured us the esteemed US/ARG Accreditation, distinguishing us as one of only 38 firms globally to achieve this recognition.
  • Superior AssistanceOur outstanding customer support and operational proficiency have solidified our reputation as the premier choice for travelers within the United States and internationally.
  • Safe Payment MethodsLeading the way in private aviation, we’re proud to offer cryptocurrency payments, providing our esteemed clientele with enhanced security and convenience at competitive prices.
  • Industry ExpertiseBoasting years of collective experience, we excel in delivering seamless and enjoyable travel experiences, ensuring our customers enjoy hassle-free journeys.


Embark on a flying adventure like no other with Bitlux’s elite aircraft management. We excel in delivering a flight experience tailored to your preferences, complete with bespoke services and exquisite gourmet meals. Our team delights in designing a private jet journey that’s uniquely yours.


For Bitlux, safety is paramount. We guarantee a seamless landing for every charter, supported by our steadfast dedication to safety protocols. Our jets are meticulously inspected and certified for takeoff by leading global aviation safety organizations, ensuring your peace of mind.


At Bitlux, our pilots are the gold standard, meeting rigorous safety benchmarks like Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Trip Cheq certifications, except in regions where this may not be feasible. They are subject to continuous safety, health, and training evaluations, maintaining the highest levels of safety and professionalism.


Bitlux’s private jet charters redefine luxury and comfort, featuring top-notch aircraft management and ergonomically designed seating. Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication, elevating your private air travel to new heights.

Jet Sizes and Locations

Light Jets

For intimate journeys with a select few, Bitlux’s light jets are the quintessential choice. Designed to comfortably accommodate 4 to 7 passengers, they’re ideal for travel on routes under 3 hours or to destinations within 1,500 nautical miles. Experience unrivaled luxury on your flight to or from Seattle with top-tier options like the Learjet 35, Citation CJ3, and Hawker 400XP, epitomizing the height of private jet travel.

Midsize Jets

For those embarking on lengthier voyages, our midsize jets stand ready to elevate your journey. With a build slightly more spacious than a light jet, they comfortably house up to 8 passengers. With the power to cover extended distances of 2,800 nautical miles effortlessly, these options are ideal for travels exceeding 2 hours. Our premier selection of midsize jets includes the Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, and Learjet 60XR.

Super-midsize Jets

For superior efficiency and comfort on longer domestic or even intercontinental trips, our super-midsize jets are your gateway to a seamless travel experience. These jets are spacious enough for 9 passengers alongside their luggage, offering choices like the Hawker 800XP, Hawker 4000, or Citation Latitude. Perfect for flights linking major cities, each jet is equipped with Wi-Fi, ensuring your time aloft is both productive and pleasurable.

Ultra-long-range Jets

For globetrotters aiming to cross oceans, our ultra-long-range jets promise an unmatched travel experience. With the capability to reach up to 8,000 nautical miles, destinations across the globe are within your grasp. Our fleet includes the Global 6000, Gulfstream G650, and Global Express, offering you the world on a silver platter, ready to whisk you away to the farthest reaches in supreme comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bitlux offers the flexibility to book private jet charters on short notice, subject to aircraft availability. We strive to accommodate last-minute requests to ensure your travel plans are seamless and hassle-free.

Absolutely, Bitlux welcomes pets aboard our private jets. We understand that pets are part of the family, and we ensure they travel comfortably alongside you, adhering to all safety and comfort guidelines.

While Bitlux prioritizes competitive pricing and unparalleled service, we do offer special arrangements and packages for our frequent flyers. Contact us directly to discuss loyalty benefits and personalized offers.

Due to the small structure of private planes, many have built up assumptions that it is less safe than commercial airlines. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like all other aircraft, private aircraft undergo regular maintenance and safety inspections.

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