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BitLux provides ARGUS Rated private jet charter in and out of Shanghai, the “Nevernight city.”


With strategic partnerships across Asia we have aircraft in position and ready to go when you are.


Shanghai is one of the most bustling cities in the world, with more and more people being attracted to the city every year.


Shanghai is a city that paves the way for innovation in the financial, tech and economic industry. It is also the cultural center in East China.

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For people looking to visit a developing city, then Shanghai is the place to visit.


The city’s modernization and multicultural offerings have something for everyone.


The city mixes cultures of modern and traditional seamlessly with western and oriental hues.


For people who enjoy the bustle of a major city, then you will appreciate the city’s vast skyscrapers and traditional Shikumen buildings.


The city takes inspiration from Western customs and also traditional Chinese ways.


Shanghai is a once-in-a-lifetime location that is a popular spot for business and vacation.


Simply use this private jet charter cost estimator for any location in the globe, select the cabin size you would like, and your new dedicated BitLux representative will contact you shortly!

Traveling To and From Shanghai

For those looking to travel either on business or leisure, privacy and comfort are equally important. 


For the ultimate traveling experience, chartering a private jet is the best option. From the months of October to November, Shanghai is at its busiest, with a vast number of high-end visitors taking to the city. 


Shanghai is associated with business due to it’s world-renowned financial district (Lujiazui). Not to mention, the city is also popular with families due to the many tourist attractions that it has to offer.


Private charter jets travel to and from Shanghai all year round and the most common type of jet in Shanghai are the mid-size and large jets. 


The mid-size jet is ideal for groups of 7-9 traveling from other cities in Asia to Shanghai. These types of jets can cover a distance of around 3,000 nautical miles without the requirement to refuel. 


For groups of 10, we recommend that you fly with a super-midsize jet instead as they are typically more spacious and can travel further with added weight. The midsize jet is more comfortable than a light-jet but often cannot land on smaller runways. 


Our top picks for jets in the area are the Falcon 20, Learjet 60, and Hawker 800XP


As Shanghai is a major city, the airports surrounding the city are large enough to facilitate most charter jet sizes. 


There are a wide variety of jets that can be chartered in Shanghai. If you are looking for a less-expensive jet to charter, then a light jet may be your best option. Our top choices for light jet are the Citation Ultra, Hawker 400XP and Learjet 45. 


These light jets have the perfect balance of luxury, speed and efficiency. Some mid-size jets even offer a pullout bed feature. Top picks for super-midsize jet include the Hawker 1000, Challenger 300, and Legacy 450


For groups larger than 14+, we suggest using a large jet, especially if you are traveling to a big city such as Shanghai. There is a wide variety of large and heavy jets to choose from. 


If you are looking to fly across multiple continents, then a large jet will be required, especially if you do not want to have fueling stops. BitLux’s top choice of large jet are the Gulfstream GIVSP, Gulfstream G550, Challenger 604 and Global 6000.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

In the city of Shanghai there are many airports that you can charter jets to and from. 

The main airports that we service are:


• Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (ZSSS, SHA)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD, PVG)


The largest airport in the city are the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (ZSSS) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD). 


These airports can facilitate most jet sizes and offer dozens of on-demand jets that you can charter all-year round.


The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located around an hour from the main city region. The airport facilitates jets of all sizes and has daily flights to most international airports.

Shanghai, China – The Nevernight City

Families can enjoy The Bund, Shanghai’s picturesque waterfront. The city’s skyline is visible from The Bund, making it very popular for photographers. Many charter jets go in and out of the city every day. 


The financial district brings in many large companies for meetings and business events. The business district is close to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD).


Shanghai is one of the most visited cities in the world, with a huge 300 million tourists in 2016. Shanghai is rated as the second-best city to visit in China.


Due to the city’s huge amount of tourist attractions, it is no surprise just how popular it is with tourists. 


The city of Shanghai is a two-hour flight away from China’s capital city of Beijing. The average stay in Shanghai for tourists is around 4 days.

Facts about Shanghai, China

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Shanghai China


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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Shanghai China



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Shanghai China



As stated previously, Shanghai is an extremely popular destination for business events and upscale family vacations. 


Privacy is the peak focus of most people’s minds when traveling for business or leisure. This is why chartering a private jet is so popular when going from city to city. 


The most tedious aspects of traveling commercially such as bag check and TSA check are not apparent when traveling on a BitLux charter jet. 


Without elite service, your bags are taken onto the plane whilst you wait in a private hangar at the airport. Once safely arrived at your destination, your bags will be removed from the aircraft.

At BitLux, one of the World’s few ARGUS Registered charter brokers, we ensure the highest level of privacy and security when traveling on one of our broker jets.

Clients have full customization over their flying options to ensure maximum enjoyment when traveling with us. 


The BitLux team takes much pride in being some of the most highly-trained individuals in the aviation industry. 


The prestige service that we offer ensures that the BitLux name remains a symbol of opulence in the jet broker market. 


We offer helicopter charter service, jet charter service and cargo plane hire.

BitLux Charter Jets in Shanghai, China

Our mission at BitLux is to produce a service that exceeds all client expectations and cater to the needs of everyone individually.


Our in-flight crew are trained to work with pets, so your pets are welcomed to all of our flights.


Once landed, your pets are safely disembarked with the other passengers.


Your in-flight options are saved with us so you never have to tell us twice what features you want your jet to offer.


BitLux brings joy to flying, enabling passengers to experience the true pinnacle of private aviation with us.

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